Social Media Makes the World Smaller and Better?

Have you really thought about what it means to use Social Media in today’s world? Well, as a Social Media Entrepreneur, there are so many reasons for us to use it, but rarely do we have time to analyze what it all means and how we can in fact utilize the power of social media. One of the most important reasons that I found in using Social Media is that it makes the world smaller and thus, more accessible to making improvements.Here are my top five reasons how you can use global social media in your business to connect on an international scale:1-Social Media Connections All Over the WorldNo longer do we have to stay local in our business! Although we completely value shopping at local farm markets and purchasing from local businesses, isn’t it a marvelous thing to be able to do business all over the world? This advantage alone helps us expand our businesses more quickly and if you are like us, spread information about our services to a wider audience around the world. The advantage of being globally minded in our business enables us to think about global issues and also to finding solutions.2-Global CreativityHave you really thought about how your business impacts the global community? Whether you are a writer, artist, teacher, mechanic, architect or lawyer, your business matters in the grand scheme of globalization, sustainability and creativity. Next time you think about a product or service you are offering your client, think about it from the global perspective and how it can creatively help make our world better. Thinking globally and connecting to other businesses in similar industries around the world can help us solve some of the most complex problems and find amazing solutions! Think outside the box!3-Awareness of Identities and RelationshipsWe all know that social media can be a powerful tool in spreading information about identities and relationships of people in our societies. We can use our social media to spread wonderful examples of how our business and industry engagement help create long lasting relationship with those in our business. For example, are you a leader or a teacher in your business? Show the world how you engage with your students or staff by creating a video of your latest group meeting or presentation. Show your students or guests on camera talking about what kinds of benefits your organization fosters in developing relationships in your community. Post on YouTube and start inspiring others to be social and showcase their relationship building businesses also! In fact, identities and relationship building are keys in building strong, healthy communities. Be sure you create those identities and relationships in your business so that you create a ripple effect in your organization, community and society. After all, one smile a day can change a thousand lives. Be positive, helpful and create genuine relationships that reflect your brand identity.4-CommunicationSocial Media is a form of communication that has grown to be a powerful tool in the world. Using it in our business allows us to communicate our reasons for being in our business through blog posts, videos, pictures, quotes, newsletters and more. Be sure you use all sorts of different platforms to communicate to your audience. Be sure you know exactly what it is that you want to tell them when you hit the POST button! A clear vision of your intended message will help you be clear and effectively communicate what you are promoting, selling or advertising.5-Advancement in Business and in SocietyLast, one of the best reasons that we have found to utilize social media in business is that it allows us to advance in business and as a society. Imagine all the amazing things that we are capable of learning, teaching and sharing online that we weren’t able to do just a few short years ago. Sharing, posting, teaching and listening to new age technological advancements or hot topics in our world allows us to problem solve and apply our solutions to business services. Think about if everyone who has a business applied the use of reusable bags in their stores or only used safe materials for building homes and then spread the awareness of why they were doing so on social media. Our world would likely start to improve just by applying the value of helping our world by helping through our business. Where one man leads, others follow. Be the leader in your industry and encourage others to do the same via social media!Whatever your reasons are for using social media in your business, the next time you post, think about how small these tools have really made our world. In fact, whatever you post today will leave a cyber footprint for someone to uncover years from now. What do you really want to say? What is it that you are trying to achieve? How can you make the world a better place? In thinking about our business on social media, it is crucial to think about what kind of legacy that we want to leave behind just as much as our overall goals in business. The more we help, the better we become and so, the better the world becomes too.Stay Social!